Why I Am Starting A Blog


“Jen, you should write a blog.”

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that in the last couple of years, and yet I have been reluctant.  I have tried to blog in the past, and I was never very consistent.  Why would I think that at this new stage of life, as a new wife and mother, I would do any better?

Yet, something keeps knocking at the door of my heart on this.  I am starting to believe it’s the Spirit of God.  So, I’m listening.  And I’m blogging.

What do I have to say that warrants friends and strangers reading my ramblings?  I’m not sure.  I know my goal is to be a light of the Gospel of grace.  Sometimes, themes and concepts from the Word of God come so alive in my mind, and I mentally compose articles and devotional material that I imagine might encourage some to grow in the grace of Christ.  But of course, it’s not going to encourage anyone if it stays in my head. So I’m blogging.

If you are blessed by the fruit of this little labor, I am so very thankful.  If you read content here that does not glorify Christ in some way or seems to encourage self-help and worldly ideas over the Word of God, I hope you’ll have the grace to challenge me.

I am a Christian.

I am a young wife, married just over a year.

I am a new mom.

I am a former “career” missionary.

I am a small church secretary.

I am an M. Div.

I was a globe-trotting Californian and am now living in a small town in Central Nebraska.

I am a woman- a very emotional, sometimes inconsistent, often weak woman.

Prayerfully, I am beginning this new venture.  I have the perspective and background that the Lord gave to me and I hope He allows my heart to connect with yours, in our similarities and differences.  I want to be genuine and open, not for the purpose of being known, but because I want to demonstrate the grace of Christ in real life.

Thanks for reading.


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